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New Prayer Partnering Opportunity Begins

  • Does God ever seem far away?
  • Do you find yourself wondering why God allows certain things to happen?
  • Is your prayer life feeling flat or empty?

If you would like to have someone to be a prayer partner with you or to talk openly with about your relationship with God, I will be available, beginning August 1 to meet with you. I’ve now finished my Seminary Coursework for my Post-Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction from St John’s . I was accepted into the Practicum stage this summer. This means I am ready to begin offering Spiritual Direction on August 1. I’m excited to begin!
In this part of the training, I will meet individually with people for spiritual companioning, with monthly oversight and mentoring of my work from an experienced prayer companion as I go along. I can meet
regularly with people, or just once, or anything in between.
If you’re not sure if this is right for you or not sure what you need, no problem! That’s part of the process. Just send an email to or give me a call. We’ll find a time to sit down together and talk, and
then go from there.
There is no cost for this, and I am not paid for the Spiritual Direction work. Thrive Ministry will welcome donations to support its outreach if you want to contribute.

Sandy Varley