Sunday School 9:00am Sunday Worship: 10:00am
2230 13th Street
Greeley, Colorado

Thrive Ministry: GENDER+

A presentation for the church and the community
Oct 21, 10 am-Noon in the Fellowship Hall
With so much being said today, in the news and the world, about new ways of thinking about gender, it
might be easy to feel overwhelmed, puzzled, and uncertain. This 2-hour session will help you be
more informed and confident on topics such as topics such as pronoun use, how to help and support
friends and family, and what male and female means.
In the first half of the session, Ethan Bratt, Greeley LMFT (licensed marriage and family therapist) and
LGBTQ expert, will define terms, clarify concepts, and present facts on issues of gender.
The session’s second half will include sharing, discussion, and a question & answer time with Ethan
Bratt, his student intern, and members of the community. GENDER+ is a free session sponsored by Thrive
ministry. There is no charge, and no registration is required. The session is open to the community as well
as FCC members; everyone is welcome.
Snacks will be served.
Hope you can join us, Saturday, Oct 21, 10 am-12 pm, in the Fellowship Hall at First Christian Church-Greeley.