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Meet Pastor Vince Endris

On June 16, Pastor Vince Endris accepted our call to serve as the Lead Pastor at First Christian Church.
Pastor Endris and wife Amy and three children will begin their service in Greeley on August 1, and
Pastor Endris will lead the August 6 worship service. Pastor Endris comes to us from Grace Point
Christian Fellowship, a Disciples of Christ church in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he has served as
the part-time Lead Pastor since August 2015. Pastor Endris has also served as a middle school science
teacher during his time at Grace Point Christian Fellowship, and he provided interim Education
Minister services for the St. Luke-Simpson United Methodist Church in the summer of 2015.

Pastor Endris was ordained in the Great River Region of the Disciples of Christ Church in October
2021. He received his BA in Religious Education from Louisiana College in 1999 and his MTS in New
Testament Historical Studies from Boston University in 2002. He later studied for a year at Perkin’s
Theological Seminary at SMU, focusing on a narrative approach to scripture. Pastor Endris has also
completed intentional training in Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation, Healthy Boundaries, and Ethics
through the Disciples of Christ and the Cameron, Louisiana, School Board. Religious education and
preaching are two of his particular interests. He also has a heart for mission and outreach as well as
ecumenical and interfaith collaboration. In his words, “The mission of the church provides an answer
to [today’s] challenges. It unites people in community. It spreads the truth of Christ, a truth that
encourages us to grow in a love that includes all. The mission of the church is to offer meaning
through reconciliation with God and through service of others.”

Amy is a former schoolteacher and is currently a stay-at-home mom to their four-year-old twins,
Wilson and Alice, and their seven-year-old son, Raymond. Pastor Endris has two older sons from a
previous marriage, Charles and Christopher, who will not be joining them in Colorado, but are a vital
part of their family. The Endrises will be living in Greeley and enrolling their children in the GreeleyEvans School District this summer.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Vince and Amy during their visit to Greeley in early June and look
forward to welcoming the family and getting to know them even better as they make this significant
move to Colorado to answer God’s calling for their ministry and walk side by side as we bring the
church’s mission to our community.