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2230 13th Street
Greeley, Colorado

FCC Future Story

Over the past year, FCC Greeley has been working with Hope Partnership in visioning how FCC Greeley is called to be the feet and hands of Christ through a mission focused congregation.  Many folks in the church have been involved in shaping our future story.  We are ready to make the story available to the whole congregation.  The story is a living story….one that will be shaped by the congregation as we evolve it.  It is intended as a vision of what we want to become over time.  It will help shape our ministry plans as we transform to a mission focused congregation.  We welcome you to read the story and pray about how you can help it to become a reality (we have already started in many ways!).  We welcome input on how we can make the story even better.  Our next step will be to work with Hope Partnership in developing a capacity plan for how we make the story a reality.