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Greeley, Colorado

News from Lynn – Making Life Better

Making Life Better

with Jesus, in Community, on Purpose

a weekly email from Pastor Lynn

Greetings –

One of my early goals as your Transitional Interim Pastor is to connect with you relationally. I

want to know you and for you know Jan and I. I’ll work hard to put names and faces together

as soon as I can. You can help by introducing yourself to me by name multiple times.

Another early goal is to communicate vision, mission, and strategy to you regularly. That’s the

purpose of this e-newsletter. I want you to be informed and involved.

The Taylor Profile: We’ve been married 40+ years and I’ve been an ordained minister in the

Christian Church. I’ve had long term pastorates as Senior or Lead Minister in 5 states. Three

years ago I transitioned into Intentional Interim Ministry. FCC Greeley is my third Transitional

Interim Ministry. Jan’s professional field was Education. She retired just a few years ago as a

credentialed public school teacher (Reading Specialist). She taught in elementary, middle

school, and high school levels, many time in inner city areas.

We have three adult children and seven grandchildren.

Our oldest son Grant is a family practice physician in Fort Collins. He and Michelle have two

daughters Sunny and Sydney (7th & 6th grades). We are very excited to live close to them.

Our other son Ryan is medical professional with Integris Medical Corp in Oklahoma. He and

Whitney have two sons Owen and Jack (7th & 2nd grades). They live in Edmond, OK.

Our daughter Lyndsey and her husband Nate live in Plano, TX., where he works in the corporate

regional office of State Farm Insurance. They have Claire, Landry, and Oscar (ages 6, 5, and 2)

Step inside my church office and I’ll proudly show you the pictures.

In my downtime I read extensively, enjoy golf and hiking, and am an avid OU Sooner fan.

Jan also reads, participates in BSF, and is a master gardener. Her chief title and interest is Gran.

Current Sermon Series – How BIG is Your God?

I want your faith to be confident undergirded with conviction. These sermons are centered on

several “He is able” verses from the Scriptures. Our God is special in who He is and what He

can do. Realizing that gives new depth and meaning to our personal faith journeys and our

corporate weekly worship, discipleship times.

This Sunday I’ll focus on God’s ability to Provide for us. Read 2 Corinthians 9:8, before you

come. It will be another ‘holy ground’ time.

My encouragement and admonition –

Each church has its own profile and culture. My initial impressions of FCCG are very positive.

But I also like to say that the biggest room in each of our homes is the ‘room for improvement’.

I’ll give you my heart as your pastor. I’ll also give you my head as an experienced church health

consultant. We’ll sharpen our public image, deepen our relationships, expand and energize our

discipleship ministries. We’ll proclaim the Lordship and gospel of Christ. We’ll extend grace.

And we’ll do it together.

Shalom – Lynn


January 21, 2016