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Congregational Representatives

Do you have ideas on how we conduct our ministry at FCC that you would like the General Board to know about? Or possibly you have a question about why the Board made a decision? Did you know the Board has Congregational Representatives whose job it is to represent the congregation on the Board as well as to help communicate to the…

Capital Improvement Loan #1 paid off!

Celebrate!! During our remodel, FCC took out two loans to pay for the construction. The largest loan with the highest rate of interest was recently paid off! We are close to paying off the second loan. Please continue to make your contributions towards allowing the second loan to be paid off. We thank everyone for all your hard work and faithful giving…

2016 Priorities

The General Board has already been busy this year. The Board is meeting monthly this year on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The priorities we will be working on this year are: 1) Keep church going 2) Permanent Sr. Minister search committee 3) Hope Partnership program 4) Youth program 5) Congregational communication & healing 6) Financial situation. Feel free to discuss…